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Jun 10


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AUSTIN – Commissioner David Porter was unanimously elected Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission today at the Commission’s open meeting. “As Railroad Commissioners, it is our job to make sure industry produces efficiently and economically, and does so in the safest, most responsible manner possible,” Porter said. “We meet our responsibilities at the Commission – we’ve been doing it for over a century – and I am honored to serve as Chairman during this important time for our State. “I also want to thank Chairman Craddick for her leadership. This Legislative Session was a success for the Commission, and her leadership at the Capitol helped secure the funding we need for staffing and for developing our IT programs,” Porter said. “I’d also like to thank Commissioner Sitton for being a strong new addition to the Commission and for being so engaged in his service here.”
Commissioner Christi Craddick said, “I am pleased to turn over the responsibilities of Chairman to my colleague Commissioner David Porter. After working alongside him for the past two and a half years, I know his knowledge, steady approach, and dedication to the agency will guide his leadership and keep the Commission on a path toward an even stronger future.”
“David Porter has been an outstanding leader on the Railroad Commission and I look forward to his continued leadership as Chairman,” said Ryan Sitton. “David’s thoughtful approach to very challenging issues facing the Commission should give Texans confidence that this agency will be proactive in keeping them safe while encouraging the responsible production of our natural resources.”
“Texas is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but we aren’t the nation’s leading energy producer just because of our geology. Regulatory framework matters,” Porter said. “Unfortunately, our State and its regulatory framework are under attack from Washington, DC. Perhaps our greatest challenge comes from EPA regulations brought on by Obama’s war on fossil fuels. We must continue to challenge Federal overreach because Texans know how to oversee Texas oil and gas production better than Washington does.”

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